Policies & Procedures

Staff Appraisal Policy Adopted on 12-08-20

Capability Policy Adopted on 12-08-20

Code-of-Conduct Adopted on 12-08-20

Complaints Procedure Adopted on 12-08-20

Communications Policy (v1) Adopted on 10-03-21

Data Protection Policy Adopted 11-03-20

Disciplinary Policy Adopted on 12-08-20

Drug and Alcohol abuse Policy Adopted on 12-08-20

Employee Privacy Notice Policy Adopted on 09-09-20

Equal Opportunities Policy Statement and Procedure Adopted on 12-08-20

Financial-Regulations Adopted on 12-08-20

Finance Committee Terms of Reference  Adopted on 12-08-20

Grants Policy Adopted 12-08-20

Grievance Procedure Employees (1) Adopted on 12-08-20

Grievance Procedure Town Clerk (2) Adopted on 12-08-20

Provision of Grit Bins Adopted on 12-08-20

Guide to Freedom of Information Act  Guidance only

Health and Safety Policy Adopted 12-08-20

Managing Stress in the workplace Adopted on 12-08-20

Model Publication Scheme Adopted on 09-09-20

Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Terms of Reference Adopted 12- 08-20

OTC Strategic Plan Adopted 12-08-20

Parks and Open Spaces for Events Policy  Adopted 11-03-20

Protocol on Recording Adopted on 12-08-20

Recreation and Planning Committee Terms of Reference (v2) Adopted 24-02-2021

Retention and Disposal Policy  Adopted on 11-03-20

Risk Assessment  Adopted on 09-09-20

Sickness Absence Policy Procedure Adopted on 12-08-20

Staffing Committee Terms of Reference  Adopted 12-08-20

Standing Orders Adopted 12-08-20

Systems-of-Internal-Control  Adopted 15-07-20

The Local Government Transparency Code Adopted on 12-08-20

Virtual Meetings Policy v2  Adopted 01-07-20