Councillor Attendance Summary

Explanation of the statistics columns
The statistics include full and extraordinary meetings of Full Council, and the following standing committees; Finance, Staffing, and Recreation and Planning

The number of meetings that the Councillor is expected to attend in their
capacity as a member of the Council.

The number of meetings that the Councillor attended as a member of the standing committees and council

From Wednesday 10th May 2023 to present

Expected Present
Cllr Sally-Anne Wadsworth 16 16
Cllr Chris Nix 10 8
Cllr Paul Ainsley 15 15
Cllr Paul Buxton 16 15
Cllr Linda Chatfield 1 1
Cllr Christopher Clark 8 5
Cllr James Hall 8 7
Cllr Adam Lowe 16 16
Cllr Joyce Lucas BEM 8 8
Cllr Sylvia Pryer 8 5
Cllr Philip Wildbore 11 10
Cllr Hannah Williams 11 9