Councillor Attendance Summary

Explanation of the statistics columns
The statistics include full and extraordinary meetings of Full Council, and the following standing committees; Finance, Staffing, and Recreation and Planning

The number of meetings that the Councillor is expected to attend in their
capacity as a member of the Council.

The number of meetings that the Councillor attended as a member of the standing committees and council

From Wednesday 10th May 2023 to present

Expected Present
Cllr Sally-Anne Wadsworth 33 32
Cllr Chris Nix 22 19
Cllr Paul Ainsley 32 32
Cllr Paul Buxton 32 24
Cllr Linda Chatfield 13 11
Cllr Christopher Clark 20 13
Cllr James Hall 23 19
Cllr Adam Lowe 33 33
Cllr Joyce Lucas BEM 20 17
Cllr Sylvia Pryer 20 14
Cllr Philip Wildbore 23 21
Cllr Hannah Williams 23 15