Building and Land Assets

30th April 2019

Council as Landlord

Leased To


Lease Length

Start date

Annual Income

Renewal Date

Oakham Lawn Tennis Club Land at the Vale 15 years 01-Apr-2003 £952 31-Mar-2022
Oakham Bowling Club Land at the Vale 20 years 04-Apr-2019 £760.00 01-Apr-2039
Oakham Home Gardens and Allotments Society Allotments at Willow Crescent and Burley Road 10 years 01-Apr-2015 £327 01-Apr-2025
Rutland House Community Trust Land at Willows Crescent Allotments 80 years 01-Jun-2011 £1,803 01-Jun-2091
Oakham Smallholders Association Allotments at Kilburn Road 21 years 01-Apr-2004 £92 01-Apr-2025
Emily Redding Dance Studios Community Centre, Princess Avenue 1 year 01-May-2019 £9000 + VAT 01-May-2020


Council as Tenant

Details Leased From Lease Start date Annual cost Renewal Date
Play area at Willow Crescent Rutland County Council 299 years 01-Sep-2000 Peppercorn 31-Aug-2299
Public toilets in Church Street car park Rutland County Council 99 years 22-Jun-2009 Peppercorn 21-Jun-2018
Land off Barleythorpe Road Tresham Institute 99 years 13-Apr-2015 Peppercorn 10–Apr-2114
Rol House, Long Row Direct Cosmetics 6 years 01-Feb-2020 £8000 + VAT 01-Apr-2026